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Complaint: i purchase steam curler for $49.99 from i tied to check the tracking or email and scam came up . i didn’t want to believe it so i kept looking and i ended up here. i really need them my daughter hair is very hard to manage. i just want the curlers for real please get my curlers or the money i guess if i have no choice. i used my bank card. Tags: Abusive Parents...

Usa Discounters Louisiana Review


I got a headboard, rails, and a box spring for my mattress, which cost me 1400 dollars. First, they ordered the wrong size headboard. I took it back and got a computer instead and just kept the rails and box spring. They are way overpricing everything so I wanted to just return the whole thing. They said no they would not do that because it’s been past 72 hours. They were very rude...

GH-YC Grand Rapids MI Review


Not sure how to proceed with this company. Not sure how they got all my information correct. My full name, address and even phone number are on the packing slip label. They sent a “Gucci”” scarf which I assume is conterfeit. I did not order this item. They also included a bill or sales memo wanting 3950.00 HKD. There is not an address or return email phone etc…” No...

Rose Creek Restaurant Review


Did not provide contracted services. Paid monies to them and they will no longer return calls. They took money and ran! Please do not give them any money. They will scam and run!

Name: Rose Creek Restaurant
Country: United States
State: Florida
City: Arcadia
Address: 117 W Oak St
Phone: 863-884-2321

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so it all started like 3 weeks ago and talk to a brandy and told her to stop calling and i advised them im on the do not call list and they still keep on calling. going to file a report with the goverment and i dont know how they got my number but im going to have to change it if it keeps on United States 636-274-6602 Airline Travel, Discount Travel Programs, Train Travel, Travel &...

rosegal Arizona Review


Buyers beware! Do not buy from this site. I bought a dress off this site and it came with a portion of the bottom edges torn off. The dress was not presentable or good enough to be worn. When I sent them a picture with my request for a refund they would not do it. They told me the dress looked like the picture and would only give me an instore coupon for 75% of my dress. This store sells very...

A Stone Above Pilot Point Texas Review


We hired Bruce Bugsy Siegel in September of 2014 to replace a liner in our pool, coping around the pool and replace a water feature which fed water into the pool. He quoted us a price of $11,016 for all of this work and we were told it would take 10 business days to order the materials, then 3 days to complete the work. We agreed to the terms and paid him half of the contract up front ($5,508)...

Dr. Howard R. Bernstein #E9536 Burleso Tx Review


This guy is a joke!nLet’s see, where to begin. I was injured on the job. A very well qualified doctor gave me an impairment rating based on injuries sustained on the job. nThe beloved State of Texas (creeps) worker’s comp. disputed the rating (their right) and sent me to THEIR doctor who gave me a very low and different rating. His words were the injuries are pre-existing. Now... murrietta California Review


This is another false advertisement on the net. Be aware. also when you call you get ridiculed for asking questions pertaining to their advertised prices. Rude, rude, rude. please take this company down. do not deserve your business and this is one of the company that gives internet business a bad taste in your mouth. Internet, California United States of America Airline...

Jonluk Xavier Kidd – Worlds BIGGEST dummy Men


Shoutout to the worlds worst ex & dad. Decided it was a GREAT idea to be mentally and physically abusive, leave & cheat when I was pregnant with HIS child and never see or do anything for his son unless he can take him BUT refused to sign his birth certificate because it’s just a piece of paper