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A.B.C. Restorations Jay Collected money did not complete services as promised. Azusa California!!. Chrome bumpers, stainless trim refinishing Restoration services. Met the gentlemen Jay at Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet. Jay seemed sincere, Even offered to come get chrome trim and Stainless Trim from my 1965 El Camino at my residence. Jay showed up at my residence, took pictures and offered a price for everything. Which at the time seemed competitive. Jay gave me a receipt for all my parts. I went by ABC restorations shop in Azusa met jay there, little did i know that he is rarely there. I was told all these wonderful things about his business Including the availability of upholstery work. The owner is never available there. Anyway i gave jay a fair deposit of 590 dollars Leaving a balance of 300 dollars when the work was completed. A week later Jay dropped off the first 8 chrome pieces that he had rechromed 2 were ok. The rest i had to send back. A total of 9 bed side chrome pieces off of my 65 el camino as well as 2 taillight chrome housings were to be rechromed. I had 3 bedside stainless pieces to be refinished And 5 front windshield stainless trim to be refinished. Jay dropped off the stainless about 4 weeks later At my body shop. Being that the body shop was very busy, they didn’t unwrap the stainless upon my inspection. All the pieces had some very noticeable Flaws and weren’t usable on the car. There were scratches all over as well as untouched areas on the edges the stainless looked terrible. At this point i just wanted my pieces back. I had already come to the conclusion that this man was a big fat liar, fraud and a crook! I chased this man for 7 to 8 more weeks trying to Retrieve my chrome in whatever condition it was in So i could take it somewhere trustworthy and legitimately doing quality chrome. I had 2 pieces done on what someone might consider useable. I text Jay after seeing my parts Asking for a refund, of course, the pieces i retrieved After the 7-8 weeks of chasing were unfinished. Jay said he was charging me 300.00 for the work he had done. Last week, Monday, January 29th i text Jay, he stated he would send out a refund on the next day,Tuesday. Being i only live 30 miles from his shop the refund has not showed up and it is Monday evening February 5th , 2018. The funny thing is, i offered numerous times via text on the 29th to come get a refund from his office in Azusa he challenged me and told me he was done With this and he had lost money on this deal and not to show up. Be advised he is a vendor at long beach high performance swap meet regularly he has a beat up newer White dodge dually that He piles full of re chromed bumpers wrapped in cardboard. Don’t know the quality of his bumpers but he is crooked There are two “rip off” reports on google about his business practices. They are similar to my experience. Do not use this gentlemen. He is a liar and a crook!

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