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AAMCO Transmission & Automotive A BUNCH OF LIARS Portland Oregon!!. Drove my work truck into Amco on 82nd Street. Spoke with Dave about my heater core leaking he told me that it would be 2 days to fix my heater core and $580. Had to go out of town when I returned I was anxious to pick up my truck. No one ever called me. I showed up to pick up my truck and I had found that there was severe damage to my vehicle. On inspecting my truck I discovered. That the inside door handle was busted and hanging out of the door panel the trim that goes behind the door handle was laying on the passenger seat my fender wall was sitting on top of my tire so I crawled underneath the truck just to discover that my torsion bar had been cut with a Pneumatic grinder a hole drilled in my gas tank and my left rear tire was flat when I questioned them upon the damage to my vehicle they told me that the torsion bar broke just sitting on their lot and they weren’t responsible for any of the Damage Done to my vehicle Dave did say that they would fix my door handle on the inside of my truck. And that was before I discovered the rest of the damage had to have it towed out and took it to a suspension shop to start all the repairs needed to my vehicle and they never fixed the heater core

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