Complaint: AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS PAID NEARLY 3,000.00 DOLLARS TO REPAIR TRANSMISSION, AND ITS BACK THERE AGAIN FOR THE 4TH TIME. LOST WORK, WAITING FOR TOW TRUCKS, & ITS DOWN AGAIN deceptive company dirty ripoff dogs ripoff fraud business SPRINGFIELD Oregon ….. My name is Gayle bernsen. I live in Mapleton Oregon. My phone number is 541 268 1031. Approx 16 months ago, I had my transmission fixed in your Springfield Oregon office. This cost over $1,700.00… Only a couple months out of the one-year warranty, it broke down again. I had it towed to the same Aamco, and was charged ANOTHER $800.00..A few weeks later, it broke down AGAIN. It was returned to me on the third day, of which I would assume should have been corrected the day it broke down, with regards to all the monies I have already spent. Today the transmission went out again. I believe that I should have been given a rental car, and have someone from the Aamco we are dealing with, make it right with all the lost wages, traveling time, sitting in the middle of the night, in the dark, calling people to come and help drive for hours. let alone the well over $60.00 in gas, just in the last 2 times it had to be returned to the Aamco shop. It has cost me well over $3,000.00 for what I believe is wrongly being charged. This amount is only what the transmission shop has charged so far, let alone all the lost wages and monies spent to get this done right. As hard as this is to believe, I am hoping to hear from someone very soon in regards to this. This is the FOURTH TIME; my 96-gmc pickup has been taken into the AAMCO shop with transmission issues. There is generally an apology, but that does not help with all my lost wages, having to go and retrieve help, or waiting for calls regarding how MORE ITS GOING TO COST ME. I went to Aamco, as I TRUSTED THE NAME. It now sits in the shop again, and I with no transportation, missed another day of work, 2 hours driving. AGAIN, -and when my son asked the Aamco shop in Springfield Oregon per a rental car, he was told that were some places that could give him a discount.??? This is horrendous behavior, and I am appalled that any Aamco could behave in this manner. In the very least, I would have expected them to give my son a loaner car, or rental car till it was fixed again. At least he would then have transportation to work. I also feel that we should be paid for all our lost wages, with this being the 4th time we have had to endure this behavior. Please help. We paid on time, and in good faith, and have been TOTALLY PATIENT SO FAR. PLEASE, ANY AND ALL HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED Jin & Gayle B. MAPLETON, OregonU.S.A.

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