ABUNDANCE EDU. Maple Heights Ohio


Complaint: After attending the 3 day class I determine this was not right for me at this time I asked for my $1,400 payment to be refunded and they continually refuse I talk to a man named Jason in Utah and personally ask for my refund and he continually review explain that this was not a good time for me at this time and I would send back all the materials that I have but to no avail they wanted to keep my $1,400 I’m very dissatisfied and out of $1,400 they start to weed you out after that get you in the first day they ask for more and more and more money and if you can pay that more money the higher amount they separate you from the rest of the crowd and the people that cannot afford to pay the higher amount get pushed out into the hallways of the hotel they’re no longer talking to you you’re not important your money don’t matter even though they took $1,400 from and another 600 to set up the LLC they clearly don’t care that you pay $2,000 that’s nothing to them but pocket change but to me it’s hard earn money and many other people that was very hard to come by I tried to explain to them I needed my money back after the three days it was not what I wanted they keep asking for more and more money and people like me just don’t have it I watch people do whatever they had to do to try and raise this money they even tell you to go into your bank account as family and friends do whatever it is to raise up to $32,000 for dropping by an event that was coming up in June of 2015 so they’re getting all this money than me $2,000 should not have been a problem to return back to me they did give me back $600 for the LLC but they never refunded me March 14th and I was still as up to this date want my money back I would have other people to stay away from them . And Scott Yancy needs to check into this would love a phone call from him and letvhim know first hand from me….my experiences with these people who are representing him and using his and his wife’s names and pictures and videos….. They make you feel like you are nobody because you have no more money to give them…..they separate you from the big money givers and now you are meeting with a counselor in the hotel hallway instead of the hotel conference room.

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