AC Delco Englewood Florida


Complaint: My 2001 Buick Park Avenue had to have the AC Delco Battery replaced in Feb 2003 due to battery acid leaking. The service attendant stated that they were having lots of problems with them. They replaced it with a new AC Delco Battery saying the problem had been corrected. Today Nov 8, 2004 my husband found battery acid on our driveway where my Park Ave was parked. Called the dealer and have appointment to have the battery replaced tomorrow. However, I was told that the battery will probably be “prorated”” since it’s over 1 year old. After reading the complaints on this site

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Address: we definately won’t have another AC Delco battery installed. My husband has a 2001 Chevy S-10 that the AC Delco battery has been replaced 2 times due to battery acid leaking. Stacy Englewood

Website: 800-acdelco

Phone: FloridaU.S.A.”

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