Accumotors Accu Motors This company has by-passed side/seat airbags and seatbelt actuators. Columbia Missouri!!. The manager of this business is named Vinnie. Vinnie makes it a practice to by-pass the side airbags, seat airbags, and seat belt actuators. the only way you can tell if your car has been bypassed is to remove the covers oand inspect the wires. If that component has been by-passed you will find a resistor wired in where the actuator would normally be. As of January 2018 Accumotors and Vinnie was invovled in a court case concerning by-passing a side airbag. I do not know what the result of the court case was but I do know Vinnie did knowingly by-passed that airbag. Since that court case he has been caught a few other times. As of lately they have refrained from by-passing all the actuators however they are several years worth on the road today with questionable quality.

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