alamo car rentals at orlando international airport, in orlando florida


My 60 year old father prepaid for a SUV rental for $300. He had his own auto insurance and hasnt had a ticket in god knows how many years. Well….. he never rented a car before and didnt know what to do. He was lied to by a alamo rep. at orlando international airport. This rep. told them he must purchase car insurance though alamo rental cars and did not ask my father if he had his own auto insurance, or nothing! Well my father paid almost $400 for car insurance and left to come see me. When he got to my home he told me what had happened and I told him he could of used his own car insurance and didnt have to pay anything. We went right back to alamo car rentals the same day within 4 hours and told them about this scam that they tried to pull and the manager fixed it but told us they had to hold that $400 until he returned the car regardless if he didnt want the insurance or not!They told us they modified the paperwork and that he owes them $90 for taxes but that his $400 is currently on hold with his bank and cannot be used or withdrawn. He only brought $600 with him in his account since he dont have alot of money after not being able to work anymore cause he had a massive heart attack last month which required emergency surgery. I called alamo today because he needed money for some personal products and I explained the problem and this rude, “b***h of a lady” told me that alamo reps. dont lie, and this and that! I asked for her to stop talking to me like that and to please give me a manager. Well… she hung up on me! What a rude person! Oh I forgot to add that they told my father at the airport that he had to buy gas from alamo at almost $4 a gallon or he will have to pay alot more else where! he told them he didnt have the extra $100 to give them for gas and they gave him an atitude and basically told him to F*** off and go get his rental car. He went out and chose a rental car without anybody from alamo helping him or inspecting the vehicle with him either! my father needs this money back now! release his $400 NOW U THIEVEN LYERS! I cant believe you people took advantage of a senior citizen in bad health! you should be assamed of yourselves!

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