Allen Lane Limited Review


In the UK it is illegal for a recruitment agency to charge someone for finding them work. There is a law about this called the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations. | Allen Lane has devised a rip off scheme to try to get around this. They force you to work for a particular umbrella company called First Umbrella who they have an arrangement with, and if you refuse to sign up with them or leave them they terminate the contract. | First Umbrella then charges you an extra £30 every day as part of their margin. And then they pay this £30 or £150 every week back to Allen Lane. | The net result is that you lose £30 a day off your agreed day rate, and this money goes straight back to Allen Lane. So it is no different to them charging you £30 for finding you work which is illegal. | This is a variant on their Contractor Plus scam which has already been reported on Rip Off Report, but they have now started this as a way to try to get around the law. Either way this is a scam and contractors should avoid them like the plague.


Name: Allen Lane Limited

Country: United Kingdom

State: England

City: London

Address: 33 King Street, St. James’s

Phone: 020 7101 8804


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