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Alternative Auto Repair Hefty Auto Repair Well I came in for a tune up which led to timing belt and valve cover gasket and catalytic converter this was done in 5/18/16 and 6/6/16 and 6/13/16 Las Vegas NV!!. Well now I had to have a smog inspection this year in June 2019 and I was told that my smog didn’t passed because it was tampered with the look on my face was shocking. I asked the technician to show me the report. and he did and told me it didn’t have a serial number on it so I have had to see the referee and now it will cost 1800.00 including parts and labor. now my car broke down after this and now i need a new engine there is oil in my spark plugs and my timing belt wasnt done properly.and my valve cover gasket is missing .and I am without a car and was stranded in las Vegas because i had moved to California and i did the smog there and thats whete I found out about the tampering. and I had to go back to Vegas to move the rest of my stuff and I’m stuck here in las Vegas where my truck was my income and now I’m jomeless I came in to alternative auto repair for a tune up and was told I needed a timing belt,valve gasket cover,serpentine belt and catalytic converter. costing over 1600.00 now I had this done in May and June of 2019 now in June of 2019 moved from Las Vegas to the bayarea and when I went to get my smog done in the bayarea I didn’t passed the smog because they told me it was tampered and with no serial number .i was devastated i seen a referee for the smog and was told the same thing .and it would cost about 1600.00 with part and labor. So I had to go back to Vegas to talk to the alternative auto repair. only to find out there out of business I called the number on the receipt and was told this is not the business number I had to get the rest of my things in Vegas on my way back to bayarea when my truck broke down find out there is oil in my spark plugs and valve cover gasket is missing also timing belt is messed up and now I need a new engine.and to top it off I’m stranded in Vegas my truck is my source of income so I have no income and I’m stuck in Vegas basically homeless now. very upset and I need justice.

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