Atlantic Auto Sales, Jamil El-qadi, Rafat Said Elbardaweel


Atlantic Auto Sales, Jamil El-qadi, Rafat Said Elbardaweel Lie, steal and cheat Americans to get ahead. Dangerous people, unethical, false, deceptive business practices Garner North Carolina!!. I purchased a used vehicle from these people and advising anyone and everyone in the market for a used car to stay away from Atlantic Auto Sales. The owners listed above are extremely dishonest, are a disgrace to the human race in America and should be deported back to the dangerous land from which they came. The business practices and actions of Jamil and Rafat are a violation of the religious beliefs of Muslims. As such, these two should be an embarassment to every Mosque in the Triangle. Perhaps these places of worship should be made aware of what Jamil and Rafat has done to me and others. In order to get respect, you must conduct yourself in a manner which commands respect from others. Since purchasing the vehicle, I have been in extreme distress going from one auto repair shop to the next having multiple problems fixed. The purchase price was $5500 and to date, I have paid over $2800 in repairs which began the day following purchase. The very next day! Save yourself money and emotional pain and RUN, do not walk away from Atlantic Auto Sales. I am reporting Atlantic Auto Sales and its owners/operators as well as each and every employee to the following US government agencies. These people should be under investigation for the violations committed against US citizens: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security Federal Bureau of Investigation – Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, etc. US Department of the Treasury (IRS) Financial Crimes Enforcement Network US Federal Trade Commission US Transportation and Security Administration – “If you see something, say something” Donald Trump should call each personally and escort him out of the country, permanently banned. Stay tuned. I am creating a blog just for Jamil and Rafat which you will be able to link to from this post.

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Atlantic Auto Sales, Jamil El-qadi, Rafat Said Elbardaweel

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