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I bought gold coins from Aurum Advisors in March, 2010. They were worth only around $1400 each then. I bought 14 $20 dollar Liberty Head Gold coins for $2156 each with a MS grade of 62. I thought at the time their site looked very professional, they mailed me an Investor’s Gold Guide, and went to all lengths to project thier integrity and professionalism, but all they were really doing was getting me to trust them. I listened to their pitch, they told me they would even buy my gold investment back at anytime if I ever needed the money. That was the pitch that sold me. I could sell it back to them if I ever needed to cash them in, but if they rose in value, they would only give me my original purchase price back, if that indeed did occur. I called them back a year and a half later, and was going to do just that, but I was first put on hold and then after a few minutes I was just disconnected. Every time I tried to call them there after, they had me on their caller-ID and knew not to talk to me. I asked for this Christian guy who sold me the coins, and he was no longer employed by them. I knew I had been had. Now, in April of 2015, I saw on Google, the numerous complaint lodged against them, now knowing for sure I am also a victim of their selling scheme. I doubt anyone has gotten what they have paid for. I see some people have given them some positive reviews, but I seriously doubt they are real and probably filed by their own cronies. I hope law enforcement catches up with these crooks someday. I am devistated. .

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