Barbara Seif Review


So tired of trying to get my money back and sharing the story because it’s the same thing as hundreds of other people. Basically I signed with Barbara in March of 2013. Shoulda known she was trouble when my puppy was very aggressive towards her and we had to put him in another room so he didn’t bite her. Since 2013, there was one expo where no one went to. We were all promised 4-6 expos Per Year! It’s now 2016 and there was One! In November when she canceled yet another expo, I wanted my money back where she said, and I have the emails, no she wouldn’t refund the money, that the next one is in March (March 20th) and if it gets canceled I’ll get a refund. Knowing that she wouldn’t contact me, which happened, I said no! I’m tired of waiting for something to happen. At first I felt bad for her because I Did believe it was all her injuries but that I realized she’s either mentally ill or a hypochondriac, or just flat out a scam artist. I contacted her today and it was the same as November. To stop contacting her and harassing her. Harassing Her!? She stole money because she broke contract! 3 years with 1 expo and we were supposed to get 4-6 a year! She refuses to give my money back. I am contacting my lawyer tomorrow, adding this report and contacting BBB. I deserve my money back since the contract was broken but I also don’t want her to abuse others. What’s sad is, no matter how many of these reports anyone reads, she’ll Still make it like she is innocent. She’s sick and I want my money back. I have my contract. I have the emails, I even have the emails saying I Will receive payment by March 30th. My fear is that she’ll rip off someone else in order to pay me back.


Name: Barbara Seif

Country: United States

State: Alaska





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