Bay Parc Plaza Apartments


STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!! After going in to tour the building, I was shown three seperate units ranging from $1650-$1850/month. The leasing agent, Joe, sent me an email to apply online. This required a $750 “reservation fee” as well as a $200 application fee. Within 5 seconds of submitting my application, I was denied. Just like that. No explanation, nothing. It took over 3 business days to get the $750 refunded (which I could have used for applying for other apartments) and I was never refunded the other $200. So it just got me thinking, because there were about 5-7 people also waiting to view apartment. And this was in the space of 30 minutes. So these scam artists are just taking all their applications at $200 a pop and cashing in on all of them being denied without explanation. Background checks cost about $15-20 PER PERSON. Think about it…these guys are raking in over $180 on every single person being denied just to find one apartment. Unbelievable. This is what I found online: Per Florida statute 718.112 in regards to “transfer fees”: Any such fee may be preset, but in no event may such fee exceed $100 per applicant other than husband/wife or parent/dependent child, which are considered one applicant. REFERENCE: Bay Parc’s response to this was that this law only relates to “condominiums” and Bay Parc is a “rental community.” LMAO seriously??? Good play on words with your lawyers there… DO NOT APPLY HERE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. LOUD AS HELL. CONSTRUCTION EVERYWHERE. HIDDEN FEES EVERYWHERE. ROACHES AS HIGH AS THE 40TH FLOOR.

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