Belle Tire -Redford, MI


Belle Tire -Redford, MI Estimate of repairs, poor guess work Michigan!!. On 03-17-2018 I took my truck to Belle Tire for an estimate for an alignment and new front tires. The front tires were wearing out, but not the back. Saleperson, Joseph Armbrusher turned the truck over to mechanic, Dean Migdal. The estimate came back as needing idler arms, ball joints- upper and lower, both tie rod sleeve drives, linkage, just about everything…total $1235.32. plus, new tires. so, closer to 1500.00. Decided to get a second opinion. Went to a local front end shop 48127. It does need 1 ball joint, 4 tie rods and an alignment. 575.00 plus new tires. runs perfect. Did they see an older woman come in and assume I would pay anything?? Stay away from Belle Tire. Consumers are not quite as dumb as Belle Tire assumes.

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