Bemis Auto Sales Review


I found the perfect vehicle for my son, a Saturn Vue with ridiculously low mileage. It was listed on craigslist, but it was 250 miles away. When I called the number, it turned out to be Bemis Auto Sales. We negotiated a price and I enthusiastically committed to buy the vehicle sight-unseen and pick it up in three days. I tried to pay for it immediately by credit card. They said they didn’t take credit cards, but assured me they would hold the vehicle for three days and it would be on their lot when I came. I then asked if I could wire them $100 to be sure they held the vehicle. Offended, Fred, the owner, stressed he was a man of his word and the car would be there for me as we had a verbal contract. | Based on that assurance, my son the next day sold his 17-year-old car with 200,000+ miles on it to his boss, cancelled his insurance, removed the license plates, and delivered the old car to his boss. | The next day as my son and I were driving over to Bemis Auto Sales to pick up the car, I got a voice mail from the manager Fred saying they had sold the car for a higher price. No explanation, no apology, just “We sold it.” When I arrived at the dealership after a 4-hour drive, Fred just repeated one word several times, “Goodbye.” | I was enraged but also curious about what kind of redneck SOB would break a contract with no thought of the promises made or the effect on others. He wouldn’t take my phone calls nor rerturn my voice mails. So I googled Bemis Auto Sales and selected “Customer Reviews.” Wow, the many horrible reviews of Fred and Bemis Auto Sales told me all I suspected. | Anyone considering doing any business with Bemis Auto Sales needs to read those reviews. They also need to read the complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, with Wisconsin Consumer Complaints, and the Wisconsin DOT. Forewarned is forearmed. | You can also sue any company which lied to you to sell a car. A legal firm specializing in these type of suits has a blog explaining how to sue. Go to their blog to find out how: | Fight back!


Name: Bemis Auto Sales

Country: United States

State: Wisconsin

City: Crivitz

Address: 7956 E 32nd Rd

Phone: 1 715-291-8125


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