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Hello,nI purchased a reward zone card when I bought my new computer from best buy back in October. I was told I would instantly get $60 in certificates to spend in the store. Sounded like a good deal. I had not received anything by December so I called customer service. Big mistake. Basically I was told that something was in the mail, after being hassled about my name by the telesales rep. So I waited. nFinally I get a letter saying congratulations I have earned my rewards. In the top right of the box it says Reward Zone Points earned 125K or so and my cash reward was $55.00. There was also a $5.00 coupon on the bottom with an offer of another 2500 reward zone points if I gave you my email address (here it is, keep the points). The letter said something to the affect that all I had to do was show up at the store with my certificate and buy anything I wanted. I loaded the kids up in the car (drove 30 minutes to the nearest best buy) and picked out three DVD’s. I went to the cashier and gave him my reward zone card and the letter. He says that will be $57.25. I asked why? The letter said I had $55.00 in credits coming to me which I had earned. He said I should have received 10 more of those little coupons. Well I didn’t. So I went over to the customer service counter (actually it was returns and exchanges, I could not find customer service). nThe girl took my information and I guess called the same number I called previously. She said I should have received the certificates (after 10 or 15 minutes waiting). The letter I had which says I had $55.00 was worth all of 0 cents and they could reissue the certificates after canceling the first. So I got mad. I told her that she could have the certificate and the letter, after she dug it out of the garbage, and I did make the shot. I think it was at least a three pointer. I am sure she canceled my certificates and reordered after all I would have to wait another 6-8 weeks to get the new letter, with the certificates I am sure a few weeks behind. I remember the letter was from a VP of Customer Retention. If this is the way you practice retention of customers I would hate to see how you chase them away. nI will take my future business to Circuit City, Sears, or anywhere but Best Buy and I will certainly tell this story to all of my friends, their friends, and anyone who likes to surf the internet. I have probably purchased 10K worth of stuff from your store over the past 5 years and have never, ever had a good experience. I have two more examples of bad customer service I have had from your stores, the first tow times I broke promises to myself to never buy again from you but I promise you will not get another dollar from me. Most times you get letters from people, expecting something, but I would like to save you the 34 cents postage for my reward zone certificates. Keep them, give them to the needy, put them towards your bottom line or consider them the last $55.00 I ever spent at your store. nThanks for listening, I had to tell someone. nMarshallnotherU.S.A.

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