Best Buys Store 772 west hollywood California Review


Well, I went to Best Buys to buy a car stereo and four speakers for my 1990 volvo — as it was my christmas and birthday gift from my parents. The price for the stereo was $129.99 (on sale the day after Thanksgiving) and the speakers were around 100.00. while I was looking at the stereos and speakers, I repeated asked the salesperson how much would it be to install the whole system into my vehicle. It was not like I was having anything cut out of my car or replacing the backseat with one of those huge subwoofer units. The speakers were the same size (I thought) that the original speakers in the car were — and the stereo was the same size as the current one. nHe pointed to a sign that said in BIG letters and Numbers: Installation for rear speakers $41.99 and front speakers $49.99. And I said, “Is that it?”” He said


there may be some additional charges but they’re nominal at best.”” nAnd being that I was buying the stereo at their store

installation for any unit over 99.99 was free. nSo I thought


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