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Complaint: i was hired by this company to do a simple 15 to 30 minute job. A safe removal job in a closed down Ryan’s resturant. The appointment was scheduled for 1:30 PM I showed up at 1:15. There was no one around to let me in. After making several calls I finally gained access to the building. Once inside the building I located the safe, in a locked office. There was no key to get in the office. I called back in and was instructed to break in by whatever means possible. I gained access to the office. In order to open the safe it has to have power, there was no power cord connected to the safe. I did have one with me so I connected it. There was no power in the office. I located the breaker panels and got the power on. By this time I had been on site for over an hour and had not opened the safe yet. So at this point i was given the access code. (((redacted))) The problem was that this model only had numbers and there was no pound sign, so the access code was wrong, we are now at an hour and 45 minutes on this 15 minute job and I am still not in the safe. Someone from Brinks showed up and it took them about 20 minutes to get into the safe. So wea re over 2 hours on this 15 minute job now. I reported this to Cynthia, the Project Manager and was promised a pay increase due to the extended time on site. I continued and removed the safe and completed the job. When I checked out we discussed the increase again and I was told it was not a problem. When I was paid the extra money discussed was denied by Miles Powers, the owner of Bibbo. When I confronted him about it he denied that there was ever a promise of more money. I like to be able to take people for their word but I had an ace in the hole, my cell phone automatically records all of my calls. When I emailed Miles the recordings I was all of the sudden a lowlife SOB because I record my calls. Quoted from Mr Powers “This guy is a real piece of work that he records all calls”” Sorry I run a business and as most businesses I record my calls. It’s called CYA and mine is always covered. In short my advise is to avoid this company at all costs. They make promises they do not intend to keep. No I will never get my money. I have plenty anyway so I’m really not worried about it. The request was simply a test to check the integrity of the company as they had promised me future work. I have no desire to work for a company that cannot keep their word.”

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Address: 11816 Mobile St. Commerce City, Colorado USA


Phone: (269) 903-1309

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