Biltrite Furniture sturtevant Wisconsin Review


I am sorry to write this review, but I feel I must . I “was”” a customer for Biltrite for a number of furniture purchases that exceed “”5″” figures. I have always had a little bad taste in my mouth about treatment “”AFTER”” the sale but this latest purchase has put me in the position that I will no longer do business with Biltrite Furniture. I made the mistake of trying to get a shipping date after waiting 5 weeks for delivery. Biltrite insisted that the furniture was shipped but they would not give me a date. It seemed to me that they were be evasive about giving me a date to the extent that I began to think they didn’t order the product. It was a Saturday and they kept telling me that they could not get the information. Then suddenly they come up with the ship date

even though they initially said they couldn’t.The final straw was recieving in the mail a copy of the info sheet they give you when you purchase. The letter had RED INK bleeding all over it circling the waiting time and written all around the border saying “”WE GAVE YOU THIS TO READ”” Like I am some kind of a moron that has to be instructed on the proper etiquette of purchasing furniture!Well tonight I came up to pick up my latest $900 purchase and asked Maureen who was the manager on duty who sent the letter. She stated that Marty

a biltrite family member

sent the letter to me. Stating he was upset about my inquiry about the shipping date. When I approached Marty about why he would write such a letter he

he just blew up. Stating that I was a HIGH MAINTAINANCE customer. I stated that they didn’t tell me that when I made the purchase. He then threatened to call the police and have me removed from his store instead of having an adult conversation.I have only one thing to say to anyone that wants to make a purchase. The quality of their furniture is great

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