Blau Plumbing Milwaukee Wisconsin Review


We hired this company for a rather large plumbing job. First off they were extremely pricey for what they did.. they originally said all the piping needed to be replaced to the basement floor, but then changed their song and told us they were looking at the wrong pipes, turns out they didn’t do as much piping as they originally said they were going to do then didn’t change their price, we still payed way more than we should have, unfortunately it was our ONLY day off of work and they knew this and used it to their advantage to screw us over. (They knew we wouldn’t have any working water in the kitchen until they did the repairs). nWhen they first came in the house we showed them the leak under the sink and they grabbed the trap unit and pulled it hard enough the entire pipe fell off!! Based on what I saw I’d say they purposely did that so we would have no recourse but to have them repair the pipe and make a hole in our wall, which they said the piping was bad all the way to the basement. They love inflating little jobs into huge ones…. even if they had to damage the pipes themselves! nThen we got a letter in the mail that stated they never filed the proper permits with the city for the garbage disposal they installed along with the pipe work! Now the city wants to come out and inspect the work and fine us possibly… the outcome could be very bad for us. nSTAY AWAY from these idiots and save yourself some money!!! nCherinMilwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.

12221 W Fairview Ave Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.



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