Braman BMW West Palm Beach – Peter Mihan and Stephen Grossman


Braman BMW West Palm Beach Peter Mihan and Stephen Grossman IN MY OPINION PETER MIHAN OF BRAMAN BMW IS A LOW-LIFE AND PURE SCUM West Palm Beach Florida!!. The following review/report is my own subjective opinion of Braman BMW Service Dept. in West Palm Beach, FL and specifically, a rotten individual named Peter Mihan, their Customer Relations Mager (“customer relations” – yeah right). I brought my black 2008 BMW M3 there for service during the tenure of my ownership of the vehicle. I was abundantly clear as to my being a perfectionist with my cars and that the dealership should make sure to take every precaution possible to avoid damaging my baby. After the latest service repair call, my front bumper had an impact dent/crack and there was no otherway that it could have happened other than due to the carelessness of an employee at Braman BMW. I followed the Braman BMW service dept. chain of command and spoke with Peter Mihan and Rod Ortega, both of whom I consider to be despicable and dishonest human beings due to their complete denial of any responsibility for rectifying the situation by paying the body shop repair bill and wait until you read THIS: PETER MIHAN FOUND OUT THAT I WAS ON CRIMINAL PROBATION AT THE TIME AND MADE IT A PERSONAL MATTER BY CALLING MY PROBATION OFFICER AND ATTEMPTING TO HAVE MY PROBATION VIOLATED. LUCKILY SHE JUST BROUGHT THE MATTER TO MY ATTENTION AND NOTHING FURTHER WAS DONE OR MENTIONED OF IT OR ELSE I WOULD’VE FILED A MAJOR CIVIL LAWSUIT AGAINST BRAMAN BMW OF WEST PALM BEACH. What kind of a human being does such a thing…kicking a man when he’s already down…except a cowardly, spineless, sniveling, low-life SNITCH? If Peter Mihan were ever sent to prison and the other inmates found out that he was a snitch, he would be in big trouble as prisoners have their own “code of justice” regarding snitches and other low-life offenders. I then contacted Braman Motorcars in Miami and advised them that I would sue them for the body damage repair bill unless they paid it and their counsel Stanley Kaplan had a check sent to the body shop that I chose to do the work. Today I called Stephen Grossman, the General Manager of Braman BMW in West Palm Beach to advise him of the issue. I told him that I would like a letter of apology from that low-life Peter Mihan and he gruffly refused to hear of it. My opinion of Grossman is not much better than that of both Mihan and Ortega. Based upon my experience, I have written this review to reflect an accurate account of my negative experiences with this car stealerhip (oops, I meant dealership) and I strongly advise anyone not to do any business with Braman BMW of West Palm Beach, whether it be for sales or service (especially service), otherwise you might endure the same horrible treatment that I did as a result of these buffoons.

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