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Complaint: Hello, I’m a current employee of the seatac ,Wa location( boss ,she is apart of this scandle)and I just started working there I recently discovered that the customers are getting ripped off and employees who discover this are . I just wanted people to know that everytime they rent a car especially from budget their getting ripped off when you give them a credit card they double charge the customer,not too mention if there are marks on the car(they know about these marks)they make the other customer pay for them. Well I can’t work for a company like this so I’m going to quit pretty soon(I can’t believe their like this)Anyways that’s not even the half of it,I talked to alamo and they said that some of there best employees were black balled because they stood up to them in regards to this. Also the union had enough proof to get my boss fired because of a previous employee and an Alamo employee was a witness and they still kept my boss,Anyways If you do rent a car,please do not rent from this company. I can’t sign my name because of fear of getting in trouble with budget,signed Anonymis Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Budget

Tags: Auto & Truck Rental

Address: Airport Seatac, Washington U.S.A.



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