CARite of Fort Myers Review


This company is a complete rip off! My credit was not that great to begin with and they made it WORSE you will leave in a worse situation when you leave then when you visit them. Jay Gonzalez who didn’t forget to let us know he also worked for fucillo kia (and sold TONS of cars ) the sales person who worked with us is simply inhumane and a LIAR him along with the manager we’re laughing throughout the entire process and now my husband and I know why they we’re fully aware they we’re rapeing us! It was when they first opened and came to fort Myers so we know that we’re simply trying to get cars off the lot! And we we’re one of the first victims. We we’re taken to the back we’re they ordered us pizza and clearly on the board they had to get a certain amount sold for the month and apparently had jay there to meet it then all he sudden he’s gone? | First off any other car dealers such as Nissan kindly turned us down and CARITE made it seem like that we’re ready to help and sold us a 2013 Ford explorer for over 30,000 which we questioned the price up front but they reassured us it would only be a one yr lease and we can change the car for a cheaper one we were desperate and had all 3 of our kids with us we needed a bigger vehicle of course the don’t care they are just trying to make a sale we’re unable now to purchase a home turns out that one year lease is 4 years and I’m upsidedown from my trade in which Jay told me I would not be able to get back an hour from being in the store that should of been a red flag from the start we we’re there forever and the manager Brian had to put money of his own just to make everything add up for the bank if they knew we couldn’t afford the vehicle why sell it to us and then tell me I can’t get my trade in back but I also sent my dad and he test drove a truck and was able to return in within 5 days cause he’s a man and knows more so they couldn’t SCARE him Into not being able to return the car so how come the same didn’t apply for me | To make matters worse my husband returned to trae in his car that was no longer running we again we’re desperate and had no choice with 3 kids and full time jobs we needed a way to get around and some young kid was now there being jay was gone they didn’t take his trade in so he put down 3,000 and drove away with a kia which he get drove for 7 Days and wanted to bring it back but was told he couldn’t now we’re stuck with 3 car loans! Needless to say we’re also out of 3,000 cold hard cash and a voluntary REPO! EVEN THOUGH we returned the car within the 7 days | Not only are we stuck with this 4 year lease but the payments are now out of control and we we’re told only a year no way can I afford 3 more years of this! With babies to feed and now can’t purchase a home behind untruthful car salesman but now a report as well just a NIGHTMARE of a company and all they do is shrug and say nothing they can do. | We’re hopeless now and scared we might be without a vehicle if we can no longer afford it’s completely turned our lives unsidedown with these ridiculous loans | WE are saving up to hire a lawyer to see if we can do anything to avoid anyone else from being ripped off from this company.


Name: CARite of Fort Myers

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Fort Myers

Address: 4201 Fowler St

Phone: 239-236-7800


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