Cartoon Network Complaint


Adult Swim is not appropriate for our children at all. If adults want to be entertained put it on cinemax but don”t put it on a cartoon network. These cartoons are turning into something I wouldn”t even watch. There is a lot that gets slipped in to the script that are not good influences for our children. Our children should not have to grow up and be an adult before there time. Profanity, sexual advances of man and woman or man and man or woman and woman or alien to whatever. It is sick and I am going to have this company banned if it can not come up with a better way to bring entertainment to our young adults. I have seen men sleeping together in the same bed. Gay couples, sexual interactions and gesters. Family Guy started out okay but there is profanity, sexual content and a lot of homophobic activities. American Dad, Cleveland show, Bob”s burgers are all NOT APPROPRIATE. YOU NEED TO GET IT OFF OR WE WILL HAVE YOU PARTITIONED OFF. There are a lot of people and companies I know that are starting to not watch cartoon net work and are choosing other family friendly networks to partner and support. We feel these companies love and respect our children and their future and it is better NEVER AGAIN SUPPORT THIS NETWORK. It”s really sad that adults know better and yet they use that to display what is on their filthy little minds. Disney worker did the same thing because they felt miss treated and some thought it was funny. I hope this station never makes another penny. I loved scooby doo back in the day but this new stuff and all these episodes with sex, violence, blood, profanity, homophobic it not a good way to teach our kids. It is our jobs to protect them and raise them until they are an adult to make their own decisions not when they are developing and trying to figure what they are and who they need to identify with. No wonder every body is screwed up look at what the world displays that stuff is for an adult that has the wisdom to be able to recognize difference. not a child that is still developing mentally. There is even Asian cartoons and games out there but they are strictly for adults and they are not housed in the same location to be reached. Get your own network and allow adults to tune in but keep CARTOON NETWORK for kids they don”t even have much to look at on TV now. Must we as adults have everything. Even the things we watch go completely overboard. VERY disappointing and Georgia needs to set a better standard. That”s why these other networks are stomping them as it is. Get a new writing staff and focus on the development of our young adults give them a positive future. Even if ours is not what it is cracked up to be.

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