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Please stay away from these people for your own sake. They wasted 2 months of my time and I still didn’t get all my money back. First of all their phones are NOT new, but either reburbished or used. I ordered HTC one mini and they sent me a different brand of a used HD2 that was released 5 years ago, then upon my next attempt to get the proper phone, they sent me an old used HTC mini with scratches and the previous owner’s info was still in the phone! each time it took them forever to send it, I had to wait up to 2 weeks to receive each phone regardless of paying extra shipping. Their customer service is awful, although they do pick up the phone, but they lie on every word without any regard or respect for their customers. I had to repeat several times not to send me an old phone and even wrote them a letter, and they still sent me used. Imagine how exciting it was to wait that long only to get what I wasn’t expecting. They are too disorganized down to the point of giving me the wrong tracking , and you actually have to request to get the tracking , otherwise they keep you in the dark. Upon several attempts at cancelling my order to get a refund, they made up stories how “the management cannot be reached at this time” and Ill just have to wait. What’s more is they dont use proper shipping boxes but send the phone itself in a plastic bag as the cheapest alternative and basically saving up pennies for themselves at the cost of their customers time and well being. I really dont know how a company like this can be in business, I realized their name is not anywhere on Ebay or Amazon, that’s because they would get Obliterated by 99.99% of all other companies. Now my package is lost somewhere,nobody can find it and I’ve lost all hope of getting any refund. Save yourself the trouble and order from somebody with good credentials. This was the “WORST” online shopping experience I ever had. .

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