According to the printed ticket I received by Fed Ex today, the tickets were $59.50 each plus $14.40 for service fees. On 7-20-13 I purchased my tickets from this website for $80 each! Plus $33.60 for service fees. PLUS $15 for 2-day delivery. My total was $208.60. I knew I would never use this website again due to their shady fees. However, I called the number on my receipt to inquire about refunding my $15 for my 2-day delivery which took 9 DAYS! The owner, Marcus Whiteis, became rude and belligerent making up excuses and said it’s “normal”. I told him he was a terrible business man and asked again if he would be refunding my $15. He hung up on me. I called back and a female answered “hello?”…real professionals running this place! She said he would not speak to me so I said I would hold. She put me on hold for about 5 seconds before she disconnected our call. They are SHADY!!! Their fees are outrageous but that’s my fault for not researching the fees more. However, I’m sure FedEx is not going to appreciate finding out he is blaming them for delivering a 2-day package 9 days later.. I demand I fully expect to be refunded my $15. Though I believe his other service fees are a crock as well.. Stay away

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  • #Marcus Whiteis

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