City Hall-Chicago Illinois


In the City of Chicago at the City Hall-121 North Lasalle Street Chicago Illinois 60602, in the year of 2007-2008 individual/individuals approached the City Hall Management also the City of Chicago Treasury Department and documents was submitted, they were not hard to read, the individual/individuals that submitted the documents, either were a match by way of identity. At the request of the City of Chicago Management and Treasury Department a responsible form of identity was made in an inquiry, for the purpose of security and responsibility on the part of the City of Chicago Management Department also the City of Chicago Treasury Department and Security Purposes, also to physically shield from individual attack on ones identity, to stop the misrepresentation or use of anothers identity. The City of Chicago City Hall has a Management Department that has Officers and Supportive Staff also the City of Chicago has a Treasury Department that has Officers and Supportive Staff for the sole purpose of protecting the Missions of the City Hall and the Management Office also for the Protection of City Hall and the Treasury Department, there are standards that City Hall and its various personnel involve in the daily intervening with the public. The funds and equipment also the positions in the City of Chicago City Hall are delivered in the forms of appropriations and services and programs. In order to run a professional protected program with appropriate priorities, the panel or the commitee that is trusted with power over the program, the panel/commitee places standards as securities, this is for control of all its resouces to include but not to exclude funds,equipment,and positions. I will include some information in this report, but other information I will exclude, this report is with little or no coommunications before the Law Enforcement in the City of Chicago in Illinois, and it is sensitive. I will include my application for status and also review of the Ripoff Scams for farther support, that I am Leonardo O Wiley, in the City Of Chicago in Illinois I reside, Identity was used in the submitting of documents to and befroe the City of Chicago City Hall Management Department also documents was submitted to the City of Chicago, City Hall Treasury Departmant for adequate and consistent response, the individuals that submitted the documents received a response from the City Hall and its Support Team, Securities was given to the individual/ individuals as was indicated by the the City Hall And its Support Staff. cooperation and also a claim-IDENTITY THEFT(FRAUD) in the identity of Leonardo O Wiley . I ask for the help of Ripoff Scams in a review and if it is found to be credible as investigation. Id#0707110

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