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Classic Auto Services LLC I purchased a 1931 90 series spark plug cover and also asked that it be chromed. I paid through Pay Pal and luckily for me after waited and e-mailing for two months , my credit card Company gave me my funds back. I wanted that cover really badly and in teh end no response to my requests. think I was promised it at least 5 times but then absolutely nothing in way of correspondence or in merchandise. New Boston New Hampshire!!. Bought and paid for a spark plug cover and the cost of shipping same and Chroming same. I kept hearing excuse after excuse and being promised my purchase at least five times, starting at the end of March 2013. Then the next week and then two weeks more and then the end of the week and now no response to my e-mails?? I tried calling but his phone wouldn’t accept my calls, no idea why that would happen. My saving grace is Mastercard as they refunded my money without question. I see many people seem to have been ripped off from this guy and I do question why he is still allowed to continue business. In canada he would have been shut down years ago. The odd thing here is he approached me, telling me he had a most difficult part to find. He even went so far as to send pictures and measurements, but in the end nothing more was corresponded to me, nor did this special part ever arrive. If it does by some miricle ever show up, I will gladly pay for it and do what I can to correct this rip off statement. Buyer beware!!

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