C Classic Winnebagos, The OZ!!. Be careful to not upset the GREAT and ALMIGHTY OZ of He is evidently an older gentleman with an extremely small p***s that can’t handle someone standing up to him and calling him out on some of the crybaby stuff he does! This is a great website for people that want to own one of the classic Winnebagos and need a resource to go look for help on how to repair these old RV’s. That being said, the “administrator” that goes by the name of “The OZ” is a HUGE p***k and can’t be told anything at all. I evidently didn’t read through a full page full of crap that gave instructions on the last paragraph on how to finish a download. Well I asked for help and you would have thought I was asking the “Oz” to pull me out of a 100yd long pool of quicksand because it caused an extra email to be sent out! OMG that must have been so much work “Oz”. Well I sent “Oz” an email apologizing for my mistake and told him not to be such a grumpy POS about it and I didn’t b**** at him when he screwed up a post I made and deleted a picture by accident I just went back on and reposted the picture. I didn’t throw a hissy fit like this OLD man that has nothing to do but be angry at the world because he is the GREAT and mighty OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I go to check and see if there is any response and lo and behold, The “OZ” kicks me out of the website “PERMANTELY”!!! LMAO!!!! Grow up you old piece of dirt, you help run a website that fixes up old RV’s!! Your not saving anyone’s life here! Your no different than the real “Oz” in the movie,,,, a pathetic little man behind a curtain pretending to be bigger and more important than you really are!!

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