Collin County Sheriffs Department Imposter


Plano, Texas:My 30 yr old son received a call from a "Sargent Jackson" on Friday who claims to be with the "Collin County Sheriffs Department". He goes on to say there is a warrant for his arrest because he failed to show up for a summons or jury duty of some sort. He said it may have been a mistake but Judge Coburn signed a bench warrant for his arrest. He goes on to say my son has to bring $970 to his office for a bond on some sort of card and to stay on the phone until he got there. Our son texted us while he was on the phone with this Sargent Jackson and we said "scam". We called our friend who is an attorney who immediately called our son who connected this Sargent Jackson with our attorney via a three way call. Our attorney called bullsh*t on Sargent Jackson saying there is no Judge Coburn in Collin County and there is no warrant for our son! Sargent Jackson got irratated with our attorney friend saying he didn’t know anything about criminal law and hung up.My son reported it to the Plano police department who said they couldn’t investigate it, that he had to file it with the FTC through the website. Later Sargent Jackson called my son back and left a voice mail saying "thanks for ratting me out but I already made $2,000 this week".Pretty frustrating that this criminal is still out there. You can call his number at 972.521.9209 and he still answers it today as Sargent Jackson with the Collin County Sheriffs Department. He knows my number and when I call he says is this Mr._____ ? I say yes and he says he has to call me back and hangs up. You would think that impersonating a law enforcement officer would be a crime at the local level and someone would investigate. Meanwhile the citizens of Collin County Texas are still being preyed upon by Sargent Jackson. Beware of Sargent Jackson from the number 972.521.9209. Maybe everyone should call this guy asking if there is warrant for their arrest and just maybe he’ll shut down his little operation and move on. Pathetic that law enforcement won’t or can’t do anything about this.

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