Complaint: Most recently visited the Costco’s store in the city of ; Cypress California. The address is: 5401 Katela Ave,Cypress Calif.90720. The phone number is: ( 562) 668-5150. I first noticed that when I went to have some pictures developed that some pictures were not developed. Yet I’m not one to complain. When Kim was a person I felt I could trust. She is a female white adult I felt I could trust. It was only my third visit to this store. Yet the first time here , I wore my yellow vest. Because I noticed how unsafe the drivers are in the parking lot , of the other : Costcos. In the city of ; Garden Grove, Calif. On my first previous visit to this Costco as I was just walking. A male white just started backing up. I moved or jumped back to avoid being hit. Then took a picture of his plate. My goal was to put his plate on FaceBook. To explain what this driver did. Then as I was walking another driver attempted to hit me. I read : Calif. Penal Code:( ATTEMPT : P.C.664. Is the same as : Nearly committing the act.Except hindred. Today is : Agust 2, 2014. I needed some pictures developed. As I was leaving the camera section: Kim of photos said the strangest thing: ” Be safe””. I don’t even know her. It sounded like a terrorist threat. Calif. Penal Code:422. As I was walking toward my car ; I was going to show my pictures to employess that push carts. Then suddely I was approached and

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: ( detained and stopped of freedom movement ). Yet questioned: They did not physically touch. It appeaed to be a male Hispanic adult. He appeared to have a beared and a mustache. He was approximately : 5 ft x 8 inches. Then he was accompanied by another at will employee. He was a male white adult. About six foot two in height. I was under the impression to stop a person’s freedom of movement is: False imprisonment. Calif. Penal Code:236 and 237. This was the second incident at this very same : Costco’s in the city of ; Cypress California. The male Hispanic adult stated abruptly and rude and hostile toward me. He said

Website: “” The pictures developed were not here but out side of the property of ; Costco’s. He continued: “” Costco’s policy is no member will take pictures of another members plate of his car””. I nicely responded . I took picures of another member’s plate because he attempted to hit me as he was backing.He indicated: “” Then why did’nt you call the police””. My response: “” I don’t call the police for everything “”? As I recall

Phone: “” If you took pictures

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