Diamond Resorts International Chesterfield Virginia Review


We own in a time share that was purchased by Diamond International in fall of 2015. I received my first bill in from the new onwers by mail on January of 2016 that I was past due and had 10 days to pay before penalties would be assesed, I paid the bill promptly. For 2017 we had not received a bill, my wife called in February 2017 and they said they were sending out and we could sign up for online services (Which we do not have any interest in doing). We never received a bill until today by certified mail 5/13/2017, which warned of foreclosure if not paid by June 1 ,2017 and included interest and fees for late pay. I called immediately to pay which I did and complained that I should not have to pay any interest and fees since this was my first bill. They said their records show that bills were send out and I had to pay in full. What my wife was told in February of 2017 and the information they had in their system were completely different, my wife said that she was also told they were sending by email which they never did. It’s funny, they have our email on file and the only emails we have received from them are emails trying to sell more stuff. The only phone calls from them have been to upgrade our account and nobody has contacted us to give us a bill to be paid on time without penalties. It’s obvious to me that they really do not care about their clients and all they want is to capitalize on every opportunity to profit from them. We never had any problems like this with our previous owners Gold Key Resorts and I have always paid my bills on time without penalties. Wow what a coincidence I received bills from Gold Key before they were due and they were paid on time.





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