Dr. Randy S. Kimmelman, DO Review


I had been seeing this Doctor for 2yrs for treatment for hernias & reconstruction of my abdominal wall. | Besides my complaint as to his healthcare and putting me in risk of serious medical issues I have the following complaint. | COMPLAINT: | I have health insurance but always when I went to this doctor over the last two years had to pay a “co-pay” which was $100.00 plus, as well to any referrals or to my Primary care physician, hospital, ect, plus my deductible. At the end of each year my deductible resets to zero paid and I start all over again. I always had Health Insurance and always paid when asked any “out of pocket fees” for over two years. | I am, and I am classified as an “Healthy Patient” so it was not the case that I was so unhealthy I could not be operated on, I see it that this arrogant doctor has an incompetent staff and no respect for his patients, and does not know how to “schedule” and or will not take the time and effort to do so. | Kimmelman and his staff over a two year plus period cost me much because of their lack of communication and that they always scheduled things at the very last minute, when other medical professionals told me they could be done much more in advance. | Twice I received calls over the last two years from Kimmelman’s office and they told me that the doctor wanted me to come in to see him when in fact that was not the truth, but I could never know because I had no phone communication with the doctor. So twice over the last two years I scheduled the appointment as per their request, showed up on time, “Paid My Co-Pay” waited up to an hour in the waiting room, then was called and was led to the exam room where I waited for another 15 to 20 min. When Kimmelman walked in and saw me, he asked “what are you doing here”, I would tell him his office told me that he wanted to see me, he would have a couple word with his staff and tell me that I can leave, all within 5 min. So clearly it was all a waste of my time, money, and he charged hundreds to my insurance company on top of what I paid. I think this boarders on “Insurance Fraud”. | Then there was the time that he scheduled a 5hr surgery which I was told I would be approximately 5 days in the hospital, so after planning my work and business Kimmelman decides to take a vacation, that was after my expense to testing and checking into the hospital, more un needed expense. | My complaint to consumer affairs is to have Kimmelman “Refund” me and “My Insurance” company all the money he has wasted.

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