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Complaint: My husband and I decided it was time to get rid of our 95 sedan and join the world of SUV’s. Our credit has issues but for the past two years we have been doing everything in our power to work the kinks out. Not sure where to turn we decided to try the big guys. We decided we would try MR. ED’s Special Financing at an Earnhardts Auto Dealer. Anytime someone refers to their finance department as a person, RUN, RUN like the wind!! They do not really want to sell you a car. Or should I say they do want to sell you the car YOU want. Instead they offer you 15 other CARS of the same style. We wanted an SUV and they told us this was impossible with our credit. All the things I told my husband that we wouldn’t do when we were trying to buy a car happened here. We could only look at certain cars (8) that were said to be in our price range. Five were Dodge Intrepids. Explaining once again that we wanted and SUV and were told that no BANK would EVER finance us to get one! We said thank you very much and left. Thinking that we were done with them we started getting calls every day about coming in to look at cars but they didn’t seem to understand we wanted an SUV. After a week and a half of their phone calls I stated to think that maybe we should just get the INTREPID and wait a couple more years before getting our SUV. Our experience with them led us to believe that we would not get an SUV ever!! They even had me second guessing our credit issues (knowing it was not as bad as they said it was). “just a note: get your credit report before buying a car.”” That is what they do here!! “”Mr. Ed”” tried to convince us that if we bought a $13

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Address: 000 car and pay on it for a year it would help our credit and we could then trade it in and get that SUV. What a crock! Please whatever you do don’t fall for this! We are currently paying for a car for the past TWO years (never late- and always more than is due) and they don’t seem to see THIS LOAN as helping our credit. They truly think that people are idiots and believe everything they say. It only takes a little common sense to know this line is nothing but a LINE to sell you a car!! Within 2 weeks of seeing “”Mr. Ed”” we found a small dealer online. They were having a tent sale so we stopped by after work. (my husband was only entertaining my idea that we could finance an SUV since our run in w/Earnhardts) No REAL intentions of buying anything

Website: AZ or try to find your own financing before you go car shopping. Also check out www.carbuyingtips.com and check out the dealer scams. This website saved us from “”Mr. Ed”” and his special financing group and also helped us seal our deal on our new RED SUV!!! We couldn’t be happier. Good Luck!! Michelle peoria

Phone: we were able to drive home with a 1988 Dodge Durango w/only 39

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