Estrela Painting and Home repairs Review


This gentleman did work for a friend and appeared reputable. My husband and I spoke with him on 11/22/2019 regarding yard work we would like done. It was to put edging around our yard which consisted of small stones. He agreed to move the small stones, put new weed barrier in place, put edging around all areas and then return small rocks back in place and level off. He said he needed a down payment of $415 for supplies and the balance was $123 for labor. We wrote a check for him for $415 which he was not happy about but we do not keep cash around.He called us mutiple times to say he would be over and either cancelled out for various reasons or said he could not make it or just never up. On about 1/18/2020 he came over and raked part of the stones away from the side and never came back. I called him on 1/25/2020 and told him we no longer wanted his services and we wanted a check back for $ 415. He said no, he would prefer to pay us cash. I told him he had until 2/1/2020. He did not show up so I am now writing to the

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