Extreme Outboard Marine, Inc. Review


Beware!! Scammers!! Extreme Outboard Marine Jim Newman is a scammer. I answer an ad about a 1995 21′ Palm Beach Boat with a 1996 200hp Yamaha outboard in great condition. I met owner Jim Newman at Extreme Oautboard Marine in Largo Florida and purchased the boat. He promissed to give ma a bill of sale for the trailer but never did. The DMV ran the trailer vin number and said that it my be stolen, they are doing a National DATA Search on the trailer. I had a certified marine mechanic chec the boat out and he said that the motor is a 1990 Yamaha 225 nat a 1996 200hp and it has numerous mechanical issues. Jim Newman will not respond to my emails of recent phone calls. This guy is a scammer, nothing was correct with his discription of the boat, floors rotted, motor disquised as a 1996 Yamaha 200hp with serious mechanical issues. No bill of sale on the trailer & possibly stolen. .

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