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Buyer beware. I highly recommend you reconsider conducting business with this company. I ordered merchandise from this company however the merchandise was not delivered as promised. Many calls were placed to customer service and each time I was told the order had just shipped and I would be receiving it shortly. After several calls inquiring about the delivery of the order I cancelled the order. Several days after cancelling the order I noticed a charge to my credit card for the merchandise. I contacted the company and they stated they shipped the order and I would have it shortly. I reminded them that I had cancelled the order and no longer wanted the merchandise. They stated I had to wait until the order was delivered so that I could return it, once returned I would receive a credit. I immediately placed a call to my credit card company and disputed the charges. Since the merchandise was being delivered via DHL and a signature was required, I did not worry about the order. A few days later the merchandise was left on my doorstep. Apparently FabVogue contacted DHL and provided approval to leave the merchandise on the doorstep without a signature. I was now left with having to return the merchandise. DHL would not pick up the merchandise without a return number from FabVogue. FabVogue would not provide a DHL return number and insisted the merchandise be returned via the U.S. Postal Service. Following is a portion of the “MANY” emails between myself and FabVogue: Good morning, >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> As a follow-up to my phone call to customer service this >>>>>>>>>> morning at [protected], I am following up to three prior >>>>>>>>>> cancellation requests that were submitted on 7/23, 7/24, and >>>>>>>>>> 7/27. Despite the three prior cancellation requests the order >>>>>>>>>> was delivered to my home, and left on the front porch by DHL >>>>>>>>>> without a signature release. The delivery box has not been opened and remains in the same condition as when it was left on the front porch. >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> Please provide instructions on how the package can be picked >>>>>>>>>> up by the carrier for return, so that a credit can be issued. >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, Good morning, >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> I contacted DHL and they stated the sender (FabVogue) must provide a “return” number in order for the order to be picked up and returned. They will pick up the order from my residence, however they will hold the package at the Hong Kong DHL location until the return information is received by the carrier. >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> Please provide the return information so that I can provide the information to DHL on your behalf. >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> Thank you, >>>>>>>> Dear customer, >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> Hope you can return the package through the cheapest way by Post Office, DHL will cost you much .hope you can cancel the dispute then we will full refund you .thank you . >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> Fabvoguedress.com Hello, >>>>>>>> If I return the package through the post office it will cost me nearly $40.00. I am not understanding why I should have to cover the cost of returning the package when I cancelled the order prior to it being shipped. As previously mentioned, I cancelled the order on July 23rd. I called and confirmed on July 24th and July 27th. The order shipped from your location on July 26th, three days after I cancelled the order. Please help me to understand why I should be responsible for returning the order. >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> Thank you Hello, >>>>>>> >>>>>>> Sorry to hear that, you can go to post office to choose the shipping method without tracking number, and write lower value such as $20.00 on the package, then the shipping cost will be very cheap, only need about $10 to $20. Hope you can cancel the dispute and forward us the confirmation email, we will full refund you plus shipping fee. >>>>>>> >>>>>>> Best Regards, >>>>>>> fabvoguedress >>>>>>> Here is the return Address: >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> Zhu Meng >>>>>>>>>> Room #601 XingHua Technology Park >>>>>>>>>> 298 MaYun Rd. >>>>>>>>>> Hi-tech District,Suzhou,215000 >>>>>>>>>> China >>>>>>>>>> [protected] It is now October and I have yet to receive the refund of $29.65 postal fee paid to return the merchandise. FabVogue keeps insisting I cancel the dispute with my credit card company and once the funds are released they will refund me the price of the merchandise and the return postal fee. They don”t actually think I am going to cancel the dispute when the merchandise has been returned do they? The biggest hurdle is that this company operates out of Hong Kong, so “Beware” of conducting business with this company. Customer with Order ##X01201507125419??

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