Forgiveness Benefits


Left message on my phone (I’m on the Do Not Call list and will also be reporting this as Do Not Call list violation to saying, "Please contact me ASAP at 760-892-6686. We can help you with lock in your forgiveness benefits today. Thank you so much and have a BLESSED day."  I called back and it sounded like a phone bank/boiler room with many people talking on phones in the background. A male answered, didn’t identify the company, but said "This is Oscar. I bet you’re calling about the message you just received." I said "yes." He said "Well, you have student loans then, right?" I said I’ve never had a student loan. He said "I gotta go, bye!" I said "WAIT! where are you located? I’m on the Do Not Call list!" He said "Ok, I’ll take you off" and hung up.

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