Frank Byers


The roofing company call “Frank the roofer” did the new roof in our home, about two years ago. We star having leak problems with then 5 to 6 months later. We contact Frank and he send his guys as he call them to “fix” the problems wich they never got the problems fix . They come maybe 3 times but never resolved the pronlems . | Mr. Buyer never come to see the problems him self just send couple guys every time. last time we call him to complain about more leaks and he say he want us to pay him more money ! What happen with his warranty ?? . | During this couple years and patching jobs on a brand new roof we had damages even inside the home floor and walls . Frank never call ever again of course . | We had about 6 diferent companies come to take a look of our roof and every single one tell us that the roof is NOT DONE RIGHT and we need a new roof all over again. TWO YEAR AND IS ALREADY GONE !!! ready to be replace ! We know that it is more complains out ther about the same individual. “FRANK BUYERS THE ROOFER” stay away from that person.

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