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For Christmas, my daughter wanted a specific color of Nike Free Runs that we searched all over the internet and in stores for. I had given up but at the last minute, my husband said he found them on the internet and ordered them. He also order me a pair. The total order was around $151.00 and change. He ordered them December 20th and then recieved an email a couple of days later that they did not have the ones he wanted in stock, to please pick a new pair. At the point we saw the email, Christmas was over and we just asked for a refund because we were going to go to the store to buy them. The company kept pushing for us to pick a new pair and we told them we did not want it to refund our money to our credit card. They kept pushing and finally said they would refund the money, but only partially because banks charge fees for refunds. We disputed this since we never actually received a product but were just looking for our money back. It has now been over a month since that statement and they still have not refunded the money. When we contacted them, they said it takes time for the money to show up in our account to please continue to wait. After reviewing everything, shame on my husband for ordering from this website as I would not have. However, I have reported the company to Nike Headquarters who contacted me back and said this company does not have permission to be operating with their logo. I just wanted to notify everyone as a buyer beware of this website –

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