Freightquote Review


Freightquote are the worst company to deal with, they lie and basically steal, they quote you for a pickup service and then charge your credit card which is all fine but then a month or so later they try and charge you again saying that it was more expensive and they have to charge more and what makes things worst they apply this charge to all of your previous invoices, they miss quote and then they screw their customer and try to get you to pay more and when they cant get their way they try to send you to a debt collector to threaten you and as extremely rude when you ring then to complain about the extra charge and want proof of this, they also have nothing in any of there paperwork or website that stats that if they mis quote and charge you that they can go back months later and re charge you again, we even had a trucking company drop off to us saying that they will never deal with freightquote again as they dont pay theirs bills, keep in mind freightquote is not a trucking company they are no more that a middle man broker who makes money out of other peoples work, Stay well away from this company and do your reseach first. BUYER BEWARE

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