Fry’s Electronics Store #9 San Jose California Review


I purchased a GPS Global Positioning System from their store for the sum of $549.99 in addition I was informed by the sales representative if I should purchase their Performance Guarantee for an additional $49.99 shall anything happens to my unit No Problem bring it back to the store and we will give you another one no questions ask The unfortunate day came that I had to bring it back. That day I was on my way to Europe and I badly needed my GPS, however it happen to get frozen thus I took it back to the store on its original packaging and store receipts and I was given nothing but an attitude that is unacceptable to any human standards. I waited for over an hour to be told that sorry sir We can not do anything it must go back to the factory I made reference to the salesman statement and the actual receipt of insurance paid however they still did not care they only knew one script and that was we send it back to store you wait 8 weeks This people operate short of mama papa business I urge everyone to boycott Fry’s Electronics thus they are very dishonest and like to rip off public. Until this day I have not got my unit back and according to vendor was repair and send back to Fry’s Electronics but their non so intelligent employees return my GPS back to factory. God only knows when I will receive my unit back. nKonstantinosnSan Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.

550 East Brokaw Road San Jose, California U.S.A.


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