Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue


Traci McGrath of The menagerie Animal Rescue trolls facebook harassing and making false claims against innocent, legitimate, licensed breeders with a permit. I have had 2 litters in 2 years. We do dog shows. My dogs have WON the dog shows. And Traci McGrath of The menagerie Animal Rescue decided to start a campaign against me, smearing me on my own page as a backyard breeder, trying to destroy my sales. | These Idiots seem to have no idea that dogs would not exist if responsible breeders such as myself existed. As I have said, I have only had 2 litters in 2 years. To attack me and try to destroy my family name is so far out of line, it is ridiculous. Just because every terrier pitbull mix does not have a home, does not mean my winning show dog standard poodles have ANYTHING to do with that. That is a trashy people problem, not a fully registered show dog problem.

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