Glendale Acceptance, LLC. Review


General contractor we fired from job site becuase he failed so many inspections, went hired this company and assigned its rt to them and they filed mechanic lien and law suit against the property in escrow to embezel money or wait 1.5 years to go to court to prove he is fraud and lying. we paid at closing hoping can sue to collect. after wards found out there have been numerious cases filed against him and he recently came out of prison and Glendale acceptance llc has little or no assets is what we were notified from another victom who had done back ground check. He stole our money and even with filing law suit and geting judgement, can’t collect from LLC without any assets. He needs to go back to jail. | we sued the contractor for owing us money and we won 5500 which was separate from the 10K Glendale stole from us.

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