Hotel Diradja Complaint


Date: 29th June 2019 (Saturday) Booking: [protected] I just want a refund for the above matter as this is an extra booking done due to no update from the previous problematic booking of [protected]. I have sent an email and call Agoda to cancel this. I even on the property itself on 29th of June 2019 to request this cancellation. As usual, nobody would entertain me. I never stay in the hotel from 29 June -2 July 2019. If the hotel is able to cancel the rest of my booking that I have made previously during my stay and that problematic issues. I believe they can too just the matter wanting to do it and help or not. It is fair after all the experience I have gone through to refund back this booking, I was not there, to begin with. Just enough with the stress you put me in and now robbing my money. Any other people would just check out but I make sure the stay is paid. I held accountably but this is beyond unethical matter and it is on purpose. I just want it to be refunded. if there is no confirmation, I will lodge a police report immediately. Thank you Regards, Cicy [protected] +[protected] ______________________________________________________________________ THESE ARE FOLLOW UP EMAIL I HAVE TO SEND TO THE HOTEL GM Dear Pak Rizal, For a safety measure, i will block the card and replace with a new one. Just imagine, what wrong advise and a solution could lead to a series of unpleasant experience and wrong move. Communication and update when experiencing a complaint is essential this is not the right way to manage the whole situation. Now, could you advise me this transaction can be canceled at your side? I have taken my measure by blocking the card and transaction today. I even call Agoda for cancellation. Please do advise me the right measure this time. I am very very upset and super angry the whole journey of my Jakarta business trip today is full with anxiety and stress for unnecessary reasons. ______________________________________________________________________ Staying at this hotel to be honest, has made unpleasant experience and anxiety stress. This is the main reason why most of my stay in Jakarta i have made my office to arrange it prior and earlier to avoid this stressful situation. My apology for shouting the previous day, I have my valid reason when your staff refuse to understand my explanation and put himself in my situation as a payee and client when it lead me to make double payment – even the amount is held somehow it suppose to a payment, asking for 1:1 might as well you give me extra 2 rooms to stay. Being so, I would like to resolve this matter ASAP before my departure to Kuala Lumpur before. This morning I have check with reception counter my payment has been cleared. Sorry to complain again, I WISH YOUR SIDE SHOULD UPDATE ME RATHER THAN MAKING ME FIND OUT MYSELF THE STATUS. I wish we can communicate and talk like what we did on the first day. This anxiety has caused me to book another 2 room today (attached as per email) and I would like to seek your assistance to cancel it from your side. I was told by the receptionist the hotel can’t do that. Since in my apps, if I wanna cancel i need to contact the hotel, i believe you will have a way to cancel this transaction and make a refund. I would like to seek a solution for this matter, if this has been done right and advise from the start, i think there will be no follow up issues arise.

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