Huffman Koos Furniture Complaint


About 4 months ago (beginning of May) my wife and I contacted Huffman Koos in Farmingdale, NY where we purchased our furniture (with insurance) approximately 2 years ago. We contacted them because our couch broke. Initially the store informed us to contact Guardian directly if we have a problem with our furniture. When we contacted Guardian they had no record of our purchase and said they could not help us We then reached out to the store in Farmingdale, NY once again to inform them that they forgot to register us with Guardian. This took over 1 month to resolve this issue and put us in the Guardian system. We then contacted Guardian again trying to get an appointment with a service person to come to the house to no avail. After about another month a gentlemen came to the house and took the motor and switch out of the recliner and told us we needed another one . He told us that he had to order these parts and that someone would get back to us shortly. After about 5 weeks we finally heard from Guardian and they told us to contact Huffman Koos directly because they would be taking over moving forward. We”ve been in touch with Dory at Huffman Koos in Farmingdale, NY. She has been working with us but does not have any answers. She informed me to contact corporate directly. We then contacted corporate which is where we spoke to Marcia Kendrick. She was extremely rude and told me that the part was ordered and it was going to take another 8-12 weeks. When I told her that this was unacceptable, she continued to speak over me and not let me get a word in edgewise. I told her I was going to report her and she said I could do what I have to do. I then asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me this was impossible and that I must send an email in order to get a response. She was extremely unprofessional and made this matter much more stressful than it is. I already contacted the Better Business Bureau in Nassau County, NY. My phone number is 516/369-0260. I would appreciate a return call as soon as possible. We spent a lot of money to purchase our furniture and needless to say we are very unsatisfied. With this experience we will never purchase anything from Huffman Koos again and will never recommend you to any of our friends/family every again. NOTE: Throughout this entire time (which is more than 4 months) the recliner is stuck in the open position which is dangerous. Awaiting a quick response Vincent & Elizabeth Grasso

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