It’s a total scam. Stay away!


I am a 40-year-old guy and as my age is increasing, my capability to stay strong was draining and after retirement from my job all I wanted was to stay fit and healthy as long as I live. After being suggested by some of my friends I finally decided to join the Pro Fitness Training club. This was one of the greediest fitness clubs I have ever been to. It’s a total waste of money and time. At first I went to the fitness center to get myself registered, paper works were going on when the manager suddenly requested me to sign the paper, I thought it was just there formal procedures but after signing the contract they told me that I have signed a contract with permanent membership and even if I decide to leave the gym, I would have to pay them on a monthly basis. My hands were tied so I decided to go to the gym now and then. The certified professional trainers were not certified as they had no proper degree of their own. Whenever asked for, they made excuses and changed the topic by telling “we don’t have time for personal discussion out here, focus on your workout.” The part which annoyed me the most was when they tried selling their products in the name of protein and mass gainer. It may be convenient for some of the members but not for me at all. They already made me sign the contract without explaining the rules and regulation and now the professional trainers want to sell their products to fill their own pockets. The price of the products was even higher than the online stores. Who would be such a foolish person to buy products higher than the normal rate? All gym centers have an automated defibrillator in their premises so that a person is made sure that he is not prone to dangers like cardiac arrest and other heart diseases. I was really very annoyed by the trainer, he always wanted me to buy one of his products, and otherwise, he would demotivate me and talk to me very rudely. The main aim of the trainers was to sell their products and not let us work out. The environment of the gym was not at all up to the mark. The equipment was all outdated like trainers. The trainers never let us correct our form all they did was give long lectures about every different exercise which was not at all important. This place is not meant for keeping you fit its full of boasting and business. Finally, as my hands were tied after signing the contract I decided to file a complaint against this fitness center so that I could get rid of it as soon as possible. I got out of this gym after about 6 months because the management was busy making money not helping people get fit. I would always recommend a better fitness center then the Pro Fitness Club.

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