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In March 2010 I was put in touch with Jacoby/Meyers Law offices, Seattle branch via my works employee assistance program. They were to handle my bankruptcy. I didn’t have a way to pay the full fee up front so was able to set up payment arrangements. It definately took a while to get the $900.00 paid off and they were so nice and worked with me when things came up and I needed to skip a payment or if I needed their help with a creditor who was hounding me. My payments were auto deducted from my checking account I believe. I finally got them paid off and was working on getting the $306.00 filing fee gathered. I also needed to provide 6 months worth of documents from bank and work. I was able to take an online credit counceling course for $10.00 and provide that documentation to them. I got an email last year some time that advised me that my attorney was going to a different law firm and that my case and all fees would transfer with her. I have not yet needed to speak with her until just last week. I called her and sent an email. She advised me that I would have to pay the new law firms discounted fee of $500.00, a filing fee of $335.00 plus $35.00 for a credit report fee. She told me they did not get any fees from the old law firm. Apparently Jacoby/Meyres has filed bankruptcy themselves. When you go to their website: www.jacobymeyersbankruptcy.com, you get a page that says: If you are an active client of Jacoby Meyers Bankruptcy your client file has been transferred to the below attorney’s office. You should have received notice via email, regular mail as well as certified mail. The attorneys below have agreed to take on your file and will honor all fees paid, terms and conditions as outlined in your retainer agreement with our firm. The below law firms are not affiliated with Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy, LLP in any manner.If you have any questions please call the attorney’s office associated with your location below: The list includes the new office that my attorney went to. But they never got any of the fees so unless i come up with an addtl $500.00 I am not gonna get my bankruptcy case heard. I wish I knew where to turn to. This is so frustrating!!!! Thanks for listening.

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