Janice Potvin – Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts


So it all started when my tiny shrimp dick husband would have me take the kids out alone because he “just needed to be alone to get work done” so I started to get suspicious and one day I decided to wait outside my house to see if he was going to meet with anyone. So one day I see this car pull up and this pretty little girl gets out wearing fishnets. That little prick had the nerve to call this “escort” aka hooker over to have sex with her in OUR BED!!!! so when I confronted him about it he obviously lied and said she worked at his office so I followed the girl. She ends up taking the food that feeds my kids and spends it on Urban Outfitters… Long story short I started talking to her and told her I really like her hair and she was very quick to give me all of her information. I finally got it out of my husband and he told me that she only has sex with married guys and admitted to him that she has many many married men wrapped around her finger. If you ever confront this girl do NOT fall for her act. She has been arrested for theft many times and she will blackmail married men. Everyone in Mass beware. She is from Salem N.H. and she supposedly has a boyfriend that has no idea about her or what she does. She needs to be STOPPED. Here are the photos this little slut has been sending my husband.

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